Containers Down Under

Wherein the three musketeers travel to the antipode, find a fourth musketeer, and deliver a new talk in spite of jet lag

Sébastien Han and yours truly traveled to Sydney to meet with the gathering OpenStack Community and our very own D'Artagnan: Monsieur Andrew Hatfield.

OpenStack Sydney.jpg

Discussing the progressive integration of OpenStack with containers, our talk spanned Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and Ceph for maximum headache. Ansible and Triple-O tooling rounded up the whirling technology carousel — at least for seven minutes, until we introduced Kolla to a dizzy audience!

F2 in Sydney.png

Thanks to the time-zone advantage, I also had the chance of being the first one globally to announce Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0, launching today — all hosts are storage hosts now, with containerization!


UPDATE The media team has now posted the live recording of our session in the OpenStack Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Our slides are available as a PDF and can be viewed inline below.


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