The AWS Way to Storage QoS Now in OpenStack and Ceph

A dream team including Kyle Bader, Eric Harney, Sébastien Han, Paul Grist, Sean Cohen and yours truly among many others made a rush effort to bring QoS capacity planning in the new IOPS x capacity model recently introduced by AWS EBS Elastic Storage Volumes to OpenStack.

AWS Way.png

This stands out in two ways — the first: speed. It was all done in a single OpenStack release cycle. Secondly, and more importantly: UX: if you already know how to use the newfangled Capacity-per-QoS controls in AWS EBS or Google Cloud, you already know how to accomplish the same for OpenStack. Building a cloud like the Big Boys do it seems almost too easy now!

This is coming to the OpenStack Summit next week, but we started our tour already at Red Hat Summit in Boston today. And since most of our team lives in Boston, I will add that we are happy to have you all in town. If you need any assistance, or want to visit Red Hat, just holler our way.

As always, our slides are available as a PDF download and can be viewed inline below.

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Official Red Hat video release page. Official Red Hat slides release

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