State of the Cephalopod Returns at the Summit

This June, we restored the tradition of the annual upstream + downstream “State of the Cephalopod” talk that Sage Weil and I used to present to Red Hat Summit customers annually. Many things have changed since, but now that the travel situation has normalized it is time we restored old traditions.


Josh and I have been working closely since 2015, but amusingly this is the first time we give a talk together! I think we did honor to the tradition, and we shed some light on the IBM transition and continued state of Red Hat Storage’s Ceph products.

Our slides are available as a PDF and can be viewed inline below.

We also hosted a Ceph Day in Vancouver on the very next day of the OpenInfra Summit, and it was a resounding success, at times we were the busiest track at the Summit. I took the opportunity to present the latest revision of our Ceph Security tutorial — I was a bit jet lagged, and it took me longer than usual, but I also took my time to introduce more material than we usually do. Here it is:

Those slides are also available as a PDF and are embedded inline below — we are very interested in your feedback and comments or any unanswered questions you may have. Find me on Twitter and share your thoughts!

The entire video archive of Ceph Days Vancouver is also available.

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